Theihtlei: American Thimnak Vote Ah “Electoral Vote” Timi

Unidentifiable woman voter entering a voting polling place for USA government election. Rear view shows her walking briskly in blurred motion by a sign decorated with American flags. For concepts of one person one vote, voter registration, voting booths, presidential and legistlative national and local decisions, democracy, and civic responsibility.

American ram hruaitu thimnak (Presidential Election) ahhin teinak hmuhnak caah relmi vote phun hnih, “Popular Vote” timi le “Electoral Vote” timi an um. Cu ahcun Electoral Vote hi a rak herh taktakmi a si. Popular vote timi, American ram mipi hna nih hruaitu si dingah a duhmi hna poah kha vote an peknak lawngin a za lo, “electors,” (thimtu) timi hna pawl i vote an pekmi kha a herh bikmi a si. A tam u in cun mah thimtu (electors) hna pawl i an min cu langhter an si lo.

American ram state dihlak nawn in, ram mipi pekmi vote (popular vote) tam deuh a hmumi hna nih cun State’s electors timi vote zongah teinak cu an hmu deuh ve. State’s electors ti cu “electoral college,” tuanvo a latu hna kha an si.

Electoral vote timi vote a pe khotu hna pawl cu “electors”(thimtu) ah chungtel a simi hna lawng kha an si. Mah cu hna pawl cu Congress chungah state (pyine) cio in aiawhtu (representatives) a simi hna pawl chungin hruaitu thimtu (electors) si dingah thimmi hna an si hna.

American ram ahcun kannih nih “hlawtdaw,” (parliament) kan timi kha, an nih ahcun “Congress,” tiin an kawh. Congress chungah cun senate timi hna pawl le house of representatives timi hna pawl ifonh in an um. Cu hna pawl cu ramchung upadi ser khawhnak nawl a ngeimi hna bu pahnih an si.

State (pyine) ciocio zongah electors (thimtu) a simi hna lu zat zong aa khat hna lo, congress chungah aiawhtu a simi hna le senators hna pawl pa zeizat dah an um timi cungah aa hngatchan. Mah cucu pyine (state) cio i an milu zat tlawmtam ningin a si.

Tahchunhnak ah, pyine pakhat chungah milu tam cemnak cu California a si caah electors 55 an um, asinain Montana timi milu tlawmte lawng umnak ah cun electors 3 lawng an um ve.

Cucaah, electoral vote timi ah cun vote 538 a um i, American ram hruaitu president si khawhnak ding caah cun teinak electoral vote 270 hmuh khawh a hau.

Palhnak a ummi cungah ngaithiam hal cia buin…

Salai Eric Cenhrang